Make selling, designing, and producing complex products easy

i3D is CPQ designed for industry professionals. Accelerate sales, ensure correct dimensions, and enable quick delivery.

Selling and manufacturing customizable products doesn't have to be complicated or difficult

Make sales easy and efficient

With i3D, every salesperson can now customize various product packages without years of experience.

The software allows customer choices to be converted into 3D models in a few minutes, making the purchase decision easier and ensuring more satisfied customers.

Improve the synergy between sales and production

With i3D, customized products can be transferred directly to production.

Thanks to i3D, the documentation produced by salespeople is of consistent quality, meaning that the order confirmation produced by a star salesperson and a regular salesperson is the same and contains all the necessary information.

Consider individual customer needs

With i3D’s sales and product configurators, you make sales genuinely customer-oriented and straightforward.

The configurator reduces human errors because its data is based on predefined parameters. A ready-made model always produces the same documentation for both the customer and the seller’s own company.

Year of experience
90 %
Smoother operation

i3D has been used in over 100,000 projects

Making offers has become easier, and the work of the production manager has been simplified. i3D is not just a sales and production tool; it could be called a factory order system.
– Markku Rantanen, Keraplast