A Nordic company with global expertise

In 2010, our experts noticed that most of a designer’s routine work could be automated. As a result of years of work, a comprehensive automation and digitalization solution covering the entire order-to-delivery chain – i3D – was developed.

Innovations and expertise

Rapidly evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence and hyperautomation have intensified competition among companies that manufacture and sell traditional building products. Those who succeed in implementing these technologies thrive, while those who fail are destroyed.

Unfortunately, digitalization and automation have all too often been limited to developing Excel tools and implementing ERP systems. Changing tools has not meant improving efficiency or reducing errors.

We exist so that you can succeed in this: the adoption of technologies and operating models that enhance efficiency and improve quality.

The strength of the i3D product is not only in technology but also in the world-class expertise our team brings. In addition to digitalization and automation, we possess strong substantive engineering knowledge. If an IT system supplier is not familiar with the construction and metal industries, customizing the system can become an extensive and costly project. We are always on your side of the table, ensuring that the transition is managed smoothly!

Why to choose us?

With the technology we have developed and its implementation process, an industrial company can provide its salespeople and dealers with complete design tools, automated pricing, and tools for efficient trading.

  • Provide salespeople and dealers with complete design, visualization, quotation, and order tools
  • Maintain a register of quotations and projects, price lists, product ranges…
  • Improve competitiveness with permanent automation level enhancements
  • Enhance profitability by reducing errors and increasing efficiency
For Sales and Installation Companies

We offer an affordable and efficient sales configurator with 3D visualization. Contact us, and we will check if there are already existing tools for the products you represent or if we could create them with little effort.

For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

With our effective concept, you can automate your own products in the way you want with i3D. Together, we will design a system that is right for you: will we solve only sales issues, or also design and production challenges?

For Large and International Companies

For large companies, we offer a complete package that combines production and sales, including material optimization, precise 3D models, and production files, as well as a project management tool for production and sales.