We help define the configuration rules so that your customizable product can be configured

With the configuration rules, the configurator can select the correct part based on the customer's choice

The configuration rules refer to the system or method that guides and manages the product configuration process. It is thus a central tool in configuring complex products, helping companies offer customers versatile and personalized product options without leading to excessive complexity or unfeasible solutions.

What does the service include?

Product Variant Management

The configuration rules determine which product variants are possible. It includes information on which parts, components, or modules can be combined and how they fit together.

Managing Dependencies and Compatibility

It guides and monitors dependencies between different components, modules, or functions. For example, certain parts may require other parts to function or be incompatible with each other.

Offering Customization Options

The configuration rules allow customers to customize the product by selecting different features or components, while ensuring that the final result is functional and feasible.

Pricing Formation

Includes the determination of prices for different configurations, so that customers can be offered real-time information about the product assembly and costs.

Compliance with Quality and Performance Requirements

The configuration rules ensure that all product configurations meet quality and performance standards and requirements. This may require, for example, tabulating strength and snow load calculations into the rules.

Preventing Invalid Solutions

It helps prevent errors and inconsistencies in configuration and ensures that the options selected by the customer are technically compatible and feasible.

Who is the service suitable for?

For managers, salespeople, production workers, or designers who are contemplating the following questions: How to take the sale of technically complex products and systems to the next level digitally? How to avoid unnecessary routine work during the design phase? What is the secret to optimizing order-to-delivery chains? We offer answers to these questions by combining substantive expertise and software proficiency. i3D is a comprehensive solution that enables companies in the construction, metal, and machinery industries to automate their business. Our services improve sales efficiency, enhance the entire process management from sales to production, and optimize production.

  • i3D helps companies in the construction, metal, and machinery industries automate their business.
  • Our services improve productivity and enhance the entire process management from sales to production.
  • i3D offers a combination of substantive expertise and technology that helps meet complex sales and design challenges.
  • Our goal is to help companies optimize order-to-delivery chains and reduce routine work for designers.