Mechanical engineering Service

We offer a design service that turns your ideas into reality

We can assist in mechanical design by designing and documenting components, or we can take full control of the entire product design project, including project management. In selecting materials and optimizing material use, we rely solely on data, making strength calculation a natural part of our service. In product design, we do not merely model parts and assemblies; we create a modular product structure from the start to facilitate product configuration and simplify configuration rules. This approach allows us to produce a digital twin of the product.

Our design service includes

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design service is aimed at the development and analysis of machinery, equipment, and systems. Our goal is to develop products and systems that are safe, reliable, efficient, user-friendly, and economically feasible. We create the necessary documentation for the designs and select materials for components that meet both economic and regulatory requirements.

Our designers are proficient in various software tools, including Inventor, Vertex, SolidWorks, AutoCAD (AutoLISP), Tekla, and Revit.

Product Design

We help turn ideas into innovative products. Our aim is to exceed your expectations at every step. We don’t just meet your requirements—we want to inspire and surprise you with innovative solutions. By choosing us as your partner, you’ll have access to industry-leading experts committed to the success of your project. We can act as designers on the project or take control of the entire project, whether it’s introducing a new product to the lineup or improving an existing product technically.

During the process, we create a modular product structure to facilitate easy configuration (CTO = configure-to-order). This structure works better throughout its lifecycle because part interchangeability and maintenance are easier.

Our project managers can oversee the entire project and report to the project owner or steering group at agreed intervals.

Strength Calculation

Ensuring the structural integrity of buildings is important to us, which is why strength calculation (FEM analysis) is an essential part of our design service. We dimension structures according to regulations and requirements. We design steel structures according to EN 1993 and EN 1090, and for glass construction, we rely on standards such as EN 16612 and DIN 18008, to name a few. Calculating wind and snow loads is routine for us and an essential part of designing the product during the design phase.

From software, we are familiar with programs such as Z88, Ansys, STAAD, and Robot. Read more here.

Material and Manufacturing Technology

We are knowledgeable about various materials and manufacturing techniques and have decades of experience that we can leverage in our clients’ projects. We understand materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, plastics, and wood-based materials. We know how to weld, cast, machine, paint, and mill them.

With our strength calculation expertise, we can calculate the loads and stresses that components encounter in use and select suitable materials based on calculations to ensure durability and functionality.

Production and Information Flow Management

Understanding the client’s production and logistics chain is an essential part of product design. Additionally, it’s important to know how much of a product or component will be manufactured. Only when production technology is integrated with mechanical design can we ensure that a new product can be manufactured and delivered competitively. It doesn’t make sense, for example, to produce highly accurate 2D drawings if the product is manufactured by casting or CNC machining, as the machine ”eats” the data directly from the 3D model.

We work with physical products and their digital twins, combining product design and digital software to create documentation needed for manufacturing and sales or product configurator.