Elevate the design and production of customizable products to a new level with the product configurator

Make the design and creation of documentation for complex and customizable products easy and fast with the i3D product configurator.

The product configurator enables you to easily automate design documents and produce the documentation required for production. At the same time, you ensure a flawless design process and save valuable time, which helps shorten delivery times. Once the structure is designed in the configurator, the order can be taken directly to production.

Shorter delivery time is always a competitive advantage, and eliminating design allows for better business scalability. Thanks to the efficient product configuration, you can also quickly respond to changes in the market and customer needs, keeping your business flexible and competitive.

What are the benefits of a product configurator (CPQ)?

Empower the Customer

Customers can tailor their ideal product package using the sales configurator either on their own or with a salesperson.

Provide a Visual Experience to the Customer

With the sales configurator, the customer can immediately see the tailored product in a 3D model. This makes the decision easier to make and significantly reduces the chance of misinterpretation. You can also use generic modeling products found in the software as support, such as terrace bases, house models, glass roofs, railings, and many others.

Transparent Pricing

Don’t spend extra time calculating quotes. The sales configurator calculates the price impacts of the customer’s desired changes in real time. You can provide an accurate quote to the customer immediately.

Creating Sales Documentation

The sales configurator automatically creates the necessary documents for the customer, such as a quote and a 3D model of the product.

Who is the service suitable for?

The service is suitable for companies in the construction and metal industries who want to automate the entire order-to-delivery chain starting from sales: a complete package combining production and sales with material optimization, accurate 3D models, and production files. It includes a project management tool for production and sales that covers the entire product lifecycle.

  • A single worker can manage up to ten times the number of projects.
  • A salesperson can make a quote with delivery content in just one hour.
  • All information from different stages of design in the same system.
  • Both the customer and the salesperson have an accurate understanding of the transactions.

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