Strength Calculation

We offer a strength calculation service that ensures your product is safe and can withstand the stresses during use

Our qualified strength calculators perform the strength calculations, ensuring that the calculation results and report meet the set requirements. The process utilizes modern computer-aided design and analysis, which allows for precise modeling and analysis of complex structures and load conditions. We are familiar with the following software programs: Z88, Ansys, STAAD, and Robot. We help find a structure that meets the set requirements and then produce a report that can be used to verify the structure’s strength.

We adhere to the general contractual terms for consulting services, KSE 2013, in our strength calculation assignments.

Our process

Defining Loads and Requirements

Load Analysis: Determine the static and dynamic loads affecting the structure, such as weight, traffic, wind, snow, and temperature variations. Then, define the performance requirements of the structure, including safety margins and lifespan.

Material Selection

Determine materials considering their strength, stiffness, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Defining Geometry and Structural Elements

Define the geometry of the structure, such as cross-sections and joints.

Performing Strength Calculations

Choice of Analysis Methods: Select appropriate calculation and analysis methods, such as analytical methods or numerical methods (e.g., FEM). Calculate the effects of loading and the resulting stresses and deformations in structures. Evaluate whether the designed structure meets the set requirements.

Analysis and Optimization of Results

Based on the analyzed data, conclusions are made about the structure’s safety and performance. If necessary, modifications are suggested to enhance the structure’s performance or reduce costs.

Documentation and Reporting

A detailed report is prepared on the calculations, results, and recommended actions. The report also includes information about technical documentation and other design documentation needed to implement the calculated structure.

Inspection and Validation

Structural tests or prototype testing are conducted as needed to verify the calculation results.