Take the sale of customizable products to a new level with the help of a sales configurator (CPQ)

Make the definition and pricing of complex and customizable products easy and quick with the i3D sales configurator.

The sales configurator allows every salesperson to serve the customer more personally without years of experience or extensive product knowledge. With the software, you can easily visualize the customer’s wishes and get the right price for the product. For the sales configurator, the configuration rules must be clear so that the choices made in the software follow the product structure.

Benefits of the Sales Configurator (CPQ)

Empower the customer

Customers can tailor their ideal product package using the sales configurator either by themselves or with a salesperson.

Transparent pricing

Don’t spend extra time calculating offers. The sales configurator calculates the impacts of the customer’s desired changes on the price in real-time. You get an accurate offer to the customer immediately.

Provide the customer with a visual experience

With the sales configurator, the customer can immediately see the customized product in a 3D model. This makes the decision easier and significantly reduces misinterpretations. As a support, you can also use generic products found in the software, such as terrace bases, house models, glass roofs, railings, and many others.

Sales documentation with few clicks

The sales configurator automatically creates the necessary documents for the customer, such as the offer and a 3D model of the product.

Who is the i3D sales configurator for?

For small and medium-sized businesses, i3D is the best possible tool for sales and production. An affordable and efficient sales configurator with 3D visualization can take your business to a whole new level.

With a reasonably small customization cost, you can customize your products with i3D, allowing you to present 3D models of your own products with their special features to your customers.

  • Make the design phase of the quotation process almost fully automatic.
  • The salesperson can obtain, among other things, pricing and quotation lists from the system.
  • The system immediately provides permit drawings for building control.
  • The throughput time for sales and design can be reduced by up to 90%.

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